Elizabeth is a wonderful counselor! She has gone above and beyond to help my family! She has been a true                            blessing in our lives! I highly recommend her and the services available at Superheroes.

I had the pleasure of meeting Casey this past week, and she introduced me to EFT. I've seen tapping mentioned here and there on random threads on the internet, but I myself never took the time to look into it or the therapeutic effects it can have on a person. Casey and I chatted via email before my session, and she gave me some background info on EFT and kind of what to expect. I gave her a rundown of my past: counseling, anxiety, panic attacks, no memories of certain traumatic events in my life, and she simply responded with "you sound like the perfect candidate."  I smiled. I had a really good feeling about this.

During the session, Casey was warm, inviting, and present. I felt extremely comfortable delving into issues from my past that I had difficulty discussing with past therapists. She explained everything I was going to do and she taught me to tap out my emotions well. It was so smooth, so surreal to feel the feelings literally bounce around in my body. We were working on anger and I had tension in my gut. I tapped it out. I then had tension in my lower back. We tapped it out. I then felt buzzing and burning in my left knee, and we tapped it out. All of the tension disappeared. She taught me how to tap so that if/when they came back, I could tap them out. I thanked her a million times and left the session feeling so LIGHT and so WONDERFUL. I went to work that afternoon only to realize that the sinus pressure I had been dealing with all summer was also gone. I thought it might have been a coincidence, but 5 days later and still zero sinus pressure.

I can't thank Casey enough for teaching me the tools to let these feelings GO. I felt anxious in traffic recently, and I just started tapping away my feelings. I can't believe how effective and QUICK it is. I love knowing that I have the tools to heal my anxiety and let loose the trapped feelings that are stuck in my body. 

I highly recommend that everyone try EFT. I can't explain it enough how light I've felt all week. I feel like the energy in my body is now free flowing and I feel, free! I think FREE is the best word to pinpoint how I've felt all week.

Please please do yourself a favor and contact Casey. She is so sweet, so authentic, and so easy to sit and open up to. If traditional counseling hasn't worked for you, then you are the perfect candidate. If you want to ease anxiety, then you are the perfect candidate. If you just feel "stuck" and you aren't sure why, then you too, are the perfect candidate. Seriously, just make your first appointment and change your present, forgive your past, and feel free in your future. 



What a great establishment in Fishers! I loved how friendly, warm, and inviting everyone is and the decor is absolutely amazing! I completed an EFT session with Casey and it was great! I was so relaxed afterwards. There are many services offered and I'm hoping to get involved in a signing class with my toddler. I will definitely be recommending Superheroes to everyone!



Elizabeth was a God send to our family. She has been so helpful, proactive and professtional coming up with a plan for our son Drew. After the first session we noticed improvement with our son. Her love and wisdom make her the best therapist out there. We are forever grateful for her services!!! 



I just took my fourth-grader in this week to get help with his basic multiplication facts, and I was amazed by Jane Dickerson's method! My son understood it very quickly and is already getting more confident in his abilities, and his recall is improving!



There are so many amazing programs and classes that Superheroes offers, you really do have to stop by and see first hand! Elizabeth Cramer has years of experience working with kids and families. She has been a blessing to my family! If the world were filled with more courageous, and giving women like her it would truly be a better place. Superheroes has an amazing team of employees; there is sure to be one that fits your personality. Check them out today, following them on Facebook--you'll be glad you did!



This place is AWESOME. Elizabeth has worked wonders with my son. He warmed up to her very quickly, and she has helped his attitude tremendously. The office is awesome.



This place is so amazing, it's impossible to verbalize. You have to SEE it and experience it. They've really done a thoughtful job in not only creating a welcoming place but also in RELATING to their clients... of all ages. When you consider how Superheroes addresses needs both in the educational spectrum and in the student-child development side of things (especially), how could any parent not be willing to give these folks a try!? Check them out! You'll not be disappointed.


Tell us what you think of Superheroes and how we've helped you unleash your inner superhero!