Jane E. Dickerson

Jane started her professional career in 1967 as a 6th and 7th grade math and science teacher. Since then, her career has taken her (literally) across the globe, from working as a missionary smuggling Christian literature behind the Iron Curtain to writing and producing radio and television programs for kids. She has done work on the show "The Filling Station" and commercial, infomercial and college recruitment tapes for 3D Productions. 

Before retiring, Jane went back to teaching special education preK and even in retirement, she still loves writing and developing curriculum, along with taking care of her grandkids. 

She has written "The Family Album" (musical), "The Book of Genesis in Poetic Verse" and "The Match" (book about a 9-year-old, co-written with her now 10-year-old grandson) She has developed the "Hands of Champions" math curriculum program and the "Laurel with a Moral" collection of stories. 

Jane has one daughter and three grandchildren, ages ten, seven and five and loves living in the Del Webb community and teaching a mixed Bible Study group. 

What is your favorite part of your job:  Being with "kids" (of any age) and watching the "light turn on" when having learned something new.

Who inspires you:  People who are willing to pursue their God-given dream--Beth, my Bible Study participants, missionaries, etc.  My grandkids inspire me to help them find their own creative expression for making the world a better place.

What do you do for fun:  Just had a conversation tonight with a friend over dinner--if I have a pencil and paper, I can entertain myself for hours.  I like to write--poems, songs, opinion pieces, lessons, etc.  I love working on projects with my grandkids--from birthday gifts for their Mom to performances for school.  Also, I love to swim and I love to dance.  (Sock hops in this 55+ community are my favorite activity.)