Elizabeth Cramer


Elizabeth has a passion for helping others and has been professionally doing so for over 30 years.  She has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Valparaiso University and a Masters in Counseling from Indiana University and graduated summa cum laude with both degrees. Before starting Superheroes, Elizabeth was a school counselor with Hamilton Southeaster Schools for 7 years and a family/community mediator and trainer with Education for Conflict Resolution for 10 years. Additionally, she taught elementary, intermediate and special education for 7 years and was the  executive director of the Warsaw Education Foundation for 5 years. 

Elizabeth has both personal and professional experience in many areas.  She raised 3 boys who had the Superhero brains of ADD, ODD, NLD, anxiety and depression.  She specializes in parenting, positive self-talk, divorce, ADD/HD, ODD, anxiety, self-confidence, depression, ASD, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, friendship and behavioral issues.  She works with people ages 5-adult!

What is the favorite part about your job? I love painting a picture for people of the “Superhero” inside of them.  Contrary to popular belief, superheroes not only have strengths but have weaker areas too.  My goal in founding Superheroes, is to aid people in reaching their full potential by helping them to 1) gain a healthy self-esteem, which means labeling strengths and weaknesses, 2) develop proactive coping strategies for those “challenge areas,” and 3) seek ways to use their strengths to benefit those around them.  There is no greater gift than being able to have a hand in lifting the blindfold off a bit for a person so they can see the amazing person they were created to be with both their talents and strengths and the power they have to cope with the obstacles of life.

Who inspires you? Jesus inspires me. I am amazed every day at the love, forgiveness, and blessings I receive from God and I am inspired to act in the same spirit toward others.

What do you do for fun? Relationships are important to me, so I love to spend time with my three sons, husband and my extended family and friends! I enjoy cooking, creating, playing games, reading, watching a good story, and being an aunt.