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Conquering everyday life

Embracing your potential

Being who you were created to be

© Halfpoint -

© Halfpoint -

Welcome to Superheroes! We believe that EVERY person is created by God to be a SUPERHERO!

Have you discovered your inner superhero and unleashed your great potential?

That’s right! Deep within each of us lives a superhero with a massive amount of potential. Sometimes, we let ourselves get in the way of our own superhero.

We doubt ourselves.

We question ourselves.

We worry.

We compare ourselves to others and decide that we’re just not good enough.

Time to learn how to unleash your true superhero self! SUPERHEROES is a refuge where our experienced, licensed coaches will lead you toward empowerment by helping you overcome all of the challenges that are holding you back. We offer a wide variety of uplifting and empowering activities, including after-school clubs, evening groups, and individual coaching sessions.

When you feel like you or your child could use a bit of affirmation or some new skills but you are not ready for “therapy,” SUPERHEROES is here for you. We are your first step to getting a little advice or a listening ear.  Like a good friend! 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the training and assets that children, teens, and women in the Fishers, Indiana area need to develop their own uniqueness and power to become the caring, confident, and successful superheroes that we all have the ability to be.   

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